What is IEC

Founded in 2003, the Institute of Studies of the Complexity* is a nonprofit, national and international, civil association with headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, at Rua Miguel Lemos 44/204.

Its goal is to promote, disseminate, distribution and development of the Complex Thinking, conducting courses, research groups, cultural activities, events, services, consultancies, and partnerships with government and private institutions.


Previously, the Center for Complex Thought of Rio de Janeiro, founded in 1997.

Who are we


* President: Teresa Mendonça
* Vice President: Ricardo Kubrusly
* Secretary: Maria de Fatima Amin Wolf
* Treasurer: André the Eirado


* Eliana Garcia Yunes
* Mario Magalhães Chaves
* Luis Alberto Oliveira


• Sydney Cincotto Jr
• Auterives Maciel Jr

Honorary Members:
Edgar Morin
Henry Atlan

Foreign members:
Mauro Maldonato
Hélène Trocmé-Fabre
Jean-Louis le Moigne
Patrick Paul
Gaston Pinaud
Oscar José Fernandes
Nelson Vallejo Gomes (IEC Correspondent in Paris)

1.Auterives Maciel, Philosophy / psychoanalytic theory, UFF
2.Ceica Almeida, Anthropology and Social Sciences GRECOM / UFRN
3.Cristina Borges, Social and Environmental Sciences
4.Edgard de Carvalho, Anthropology and Social Sciences
Complexus / PUCSP
5..Eliana Yunes, Letters, PUC Rio
6. Lucia Helena Rangel, Anthropology complexus / PUCSP
7.Luiz Alberto Oliveira, Physical CBPF / UFRJ
8. Limena Margaret, Social Sciences complexus / PUCSP
9. Maria Lucia, Social Services, NEMESSCOMPLEX / PUCSP
10. Maria de Fatima Amin, Psychoanalysis SBP
11. Mario Chaves, Medical / Dental UFRJ
12.Nelson Job, Psychology
13.Paulo Diaz, Biology
14. Ricardo Silva Kubrusly, Mathematics COPPE
15. Salma Tannus Muchail, PUCSP Philosophy
16. Tereza Mendonca, Psychoanalysis
17.Wanda Maranhão Costa, Philosophy / Psychology / Letters, French
18. Caesar Fróes, Education, UFRRJ
19. Ruben Bauer, Administration, PUCRio
20. Yvana, Visual arts, Brazilian Academy of Fine Arts
21. Paulo Vaz, IDEA Philosophy / UFRJ
22. Constantino Tsallis, CBPF Physical / UFRJ
23. Elizabeth Pacheco, Psychotherapy
24. Jorge de Paula, Engineering

Consulting Intelligence of Complexity to the National Electric System Operator (ONS)

Home: December 2007, continuing.

IEC Consulting team:

Curator: Teresa Mendonça


André’s Eirado: Psychology and Philosophy.
Luiz Alberto Oliveira: Cosmology and Natural Philosophy.
Ricardo Kubrusly: Poetry and Mathematics
Tereza Mendonca: Psychoanalysis and Social Sciences